Valiant Environmental Compounds Pty. Ltd.

Valiant Environmental Compounds Pty. Ltd.

Our Standard Duct Sealant is widely used in the air conditioning industry. This product is considered by many to be the benchmark for all other duct sealant products. It has just the right thickness for application to all types of ductwork without runs and providing good coverage of any leaks.

Just try to get it off once it is fully cured, you will not believe it!

It comes in any colour you want as long as the colour you want is grey!

It DOES NOT comply with the fire and smoke developed indices required in Australian Standard AS4254 so may only be used in external applications. For this reason, our standard duct sealer contains additional additives to improve its adhesion for better weatherproofing.

Use it for other applications, be inventive. We have seen it used to repair gutters, seal concrete floors and plinths. One of our customers used it a couple of years ago to seal a concrete fishpond and we’re told it hasn’t leaked yet. And yes it is true; one of our guys used it (and a piece of old rag) to repair the rust hole in the boot of his car (Two pack paint went straight over!).

If you have a novel use, give us a call. We cannot believe some of the stories.